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Chubs the Noble

I am so two years ago.

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Whitney-A girl that you can definitely depend on to get along with ma and pa...doesn't take much to make her happy and even plays video games! No skill at checkers, but rocks up tic-tac-toe. I'm 5'2", natural blonde (but don't let that fool you), going to community college on top of two part time jobs, writing a novel, maintaining a social life­, keeping in shape, and holding tight to my sanity. So far, so good.

I can tie a knot in a cherry stem, pwn anyone at hula hoop, make a satisfactory capuccino and/or mudslide, spit water through my teeth, ride my bike with no handlebars, sing the scale, create a class A zombie, and recite a monologue. Deathly afraid of sharks, hair dye, and late night shoppers. Isn't fond of sand in my bed, sports, or diet coke. My vice: Hello Panda snacks, tic tacs & Chilis' queso dip.

My #1 Rule: Ranch goes great with anything.

Fitness forecast: A Massage

Best accessory: A Scarf, multiple rings

Destination: New Zealand, Tuscany

Favorite Food: Queso dip & chips

Favorite Beverage: Pineapple Soda, Sobe green tea, Starbucks vanilla chai

Favorite Color: Silver, yellow

Favorite Animal: Tigers, Rabbits, and Merecats. (Oh My!)
10 years, 13 ghosts, 3 doors down, 50 first dates, abarat, afi, after eight thin mints, airheads, alicia keys, allister, amor for sleep, and wicked the musical, animal crossing, aqua teen hunger force, atreyu, birds, black eyed peas, blackhawk down, blink 182, blood brothers, bob mould, bon jovi, bowling for soup, brand new, bullet for my valentine, calls from home, cartel, charmed, chevelle, chocolate, coheed and cambria, copeland, counting crows, creed, earshot, edward sissor hands, emerald cities, encino man, evenescence, fancy dinners, finding never land, fiona apple, flyleaf, foo fighters, funeral for a freind, fuse, glinda the good, gorillaz, greenday, hanson, harry potter, hawk nelson, hawthorne hieghts, hootie and the blowfish, howie, incubus, inuyasha, jack sparrow, jewel, jimmy eat world, john reuben, kelly clarkson, linkin park, little nicky, live god loud, long chats, long walks, lord of the rings, mae, manga, matchbook romance, mercy me, mest, muse, my chemical romance, nickleback, nightmare before christmas, nine days, nonpoint, ocean's eleven, orlando bloom, panic at the disco, pearl harbor, pillar, pimp my ride, pirates of the carribean, puddle of mud, punk'd, rascal flatts, rat race, reading, red jumpsuit apparatus, reliant k, rise against, robot chicken, rosan, samuria champloo, sara evans, saves the day, school of rock, seether, sences fail, shaun of the dead, shrek, skindrid, soil, souldecision, spongebob, stereophonics, steve-o, story of the year, sugarcult, sum 41, summerland, switchfoot, that 70's show, the classic crime, the click five, the darkness, the goo goo dolls, the incredibles, the scarlet ibis, the twenty twos, thrice, tim burton, tin men, titan a.e., trigun, troy, twilight, usher, veronicas, weezer, wild men, wizard of oz, writing, yellow brick roads