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02 February 2010 @ 12:05 am
DON'T mess with the bull.  
Yesterday, I recieved a letter from C.T. Douglas threatening me with legal action if I did not stop affiliating myself with Lore. This is a problem considering I'm a co-author. So, this is a spoiler from the 3rd book in the Lore trilogy. Have fun. :)

chubsthenoble08= Whitney Aretz
TommyBlowtorch= C.T. Douglas

chubsthenoble08 (10:39:23 PM) : Molly thought her nerves might get the best of her. Her footsteps were the only ones that could be heard now as she neared Tom's door. A dull, orange glow made its way though the cracks of Tom's door, casting shadows across Molly's face as she placed her glowing hand on the door knob. She breathed deeply and entered.

TommyBlowtorch (10:49:48 PM) : Tom sat at his desk, shirtless with legs folded, tying a bit of string to something and then cutting the excess with his teeth. He picked up another piece and began to tie that one. Next to him lay an old journal (one of his own) which contained his gathered knowledge on Native American folklore and customs. Picking up the object and then laying it back down, Tom tied yet another string onto the object and reached for a pile of beads.

TommyBlowtorch (10:51:15 PM) : "Oh!," Tom said in surprise, catching Molly in the corner of his eye. "I'm making something to help me sleep well. Got caught up in my work. I'm sorry, how long have you been there?," he asked.

chubsthenoble08 (10:52:10 PM) : "Only a moment." Molly replied. "What is that you're making?" she asked, glad for the momentary distraction.

TommyBlowtorch (10:56:32 PM) : "It's a dreamcatcher," Tom said proudly, holding his finished creation up for Molly to see. "It will help me to sleep without waking. The Native Americans use these sapphire and turquoise beads, woven into a net and circumscribed by a solid ring to capture negative things that disrupt dreams. At least that's what I gather from my notes."

chubsthenoble08 (10:58:05 PM) : "It's lovely." Molly admired his creation and then became curious. "Have you had difficulty resting?"

TommyBlowtorch (10:59:00 PM) : "No, actually. I want to see how much better I sleep with all minor negative inconsistencies removed," he explained.

chubsthenoble08 (11:00:15 PM) : "I see." Molly replied. She remained quiet, standing motionless as she stared into the fire, wondering how form her words.

chubsthenoble08 (11:05:07 PM) : "Thomas?" she finally spoke quietly, her eyes still focused on the flames.

TommyBlowtorch (11:06:08 PM) : "Yes?"

chubsthenoble08 (11:06:34 PM) : "I'm afraid I lied to you this morning. About my being ill. I mean-I was ill but not because of breakfast."

TommyBlowtorch (11:09:02 PM) : "As long as you're feeling well, Molly. You don't have to mask it," Tom replied, standing so he could be near her.

chubsthenoble08 (11:10:16 PM) : Molly's breathing quickened. "Thomas...you're accustomed to change, yes?"

chubsthenoble08 (11:11:40 PM) : "Because, s-something's come up that's going t-to change the rest of our lives." she continued nervously.

TommyBlowtorch (11:12:34 PM) : "It wouldn't be the first thing," Tom joked. "What is it, Molly? Tell me, please. You sound like you need to."

chubsthenoble08 (11:14:21 PM) : "You're a father, Thomas."

TommyBlowtorch (11:16:45 PM) : "I am?," asked Tom, quite plainly; not excited, not shocked, not angry, happy, or sad. "What...what's that mean exactly?," he asked, holding Molly and staring off into the flame flickering in his desk lamp.

chubsthenoble08 (11:18:26 PM) : Molly looked at him, her nervousness not quite subsided. "It means that I'm pregnant, and that we're going to have either a son or daughter in due time. We're going to be a family."

TommyBlowtorch (11:21:11 PM) : "Oh...yes, yes of course. That's very good...isn't it?," he asked, as if he were asking an expert on their opinion of the relative "goodness" of discovering himself to be a father; he, himself, almost sure of it to be a good thing, but a novice in the area of pregnancy and parenthood. He asked in a very innocent, wondrous way. Children weren't a matter he'd studied in his books and stories.

chubsthenoble08 (11:23:23 PM) : Molly managed a small, reassuring smile for him, and touched his face softly. "Yes, Thomas. It's a very good thing. It'll come to you sooner or later."
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