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16 July 2009 @ 01:32 am
Ice Cream Babies  
So my last post was possibly the largest and most complicated compilation of thoughts and events that's ever been blogged in the history of blogging. Which is fine with me. I'm sure I would be most displeased with myself if I were to forget all that good stuff. So that is what has been going on in the life of Whitney since the end of April.

I've been pmsing really bad this past week. I've been wanting to hit one of my coworkers over the head with a sale pricing gun ever since my store manager left and every time something reminds me of my ex, I start balling like someone listening to "skin" by rascal flatts for the first time. I actually considered quitting and taking a customer up on his job offer at his kayak shop. It was an idea, but I think irrational thoughts come with the whole menstrual thing.

Maybe I'm undergoing some kind of freaky, coming-of-age, self finding stage, but I'm not 100% sure. I guess I'll just go with it. lol

So for starters, I think I'll go to Barnes and Noble in Ocala tomorrow. Wear a dress, copy some recipes down in my cook book, enjoy a chai latte, keep myself open to healthy conversation should a cute guy be anywhere in the vicinity.

Moment I would rather not forget:

chubsthenoble08 (1:49:15 AM): there is a god....
spartan2788 (1:49:21 AM): ?
spartan2788 (1:49:22 AM): lol
chubsthenoble08 (1:49:28 AM): I just found starbucks java chip ice cream in my freezer...
spartan2788 (1:49:38 AM): your
spartan2788 (1:49:39 AM): such
spartan2788 (1:49:39 AM): a
spartan2788 (1:49:40 AM): fatty
chubsthenoble08 (1:50:04 AM): so good...
spartan2788 (1:50:05 AM): actually I might have a nice surprise for you...sat/maybe sunday ish
spartan2788 (1:50:07 AM): lol
chubsthenoble08 (1:50:22 AM): surprise...
spartan2788 (1:50:31 AM): :-D
chubsthenoble08 (1:50:32 AM): I hope you're not introducing me to another guy.
spartan2788 (1:50:57 AM): nah I realize now that no guy is good enough for you...unless you pick em
chubsthenoble08 (1:51:05 AM): lmao
spartan2788 (1:51:09 AM): besides, my surprise is delicious
chubsthenoble08 (1:51:22 AM): ah
chubsthenoble08 (1:51:38 AM): and you wonder why I'm so fat.
chubsthenoble08 (1:51:58 AM): this ice cream is amazing...
chubsthenoble08 (1:52:07 AM): If I could make love to this ice cream...
chubsthenoble08 (1:52:09 AM): ...I would.
spartan2788 (1:52:24 AM): you would pop out delicious babys..
spartan2788 (1:52:43 AM): and plz, you can't even call yourself close to being chubby
chubsthenoble08 (1:52:45 AM): i would eat my babies

Current Mood: Fatty
Current Music: Trevor Hall-Beautiful Lunatic
Patchessomeonesfriend on July 16th, 2009 06:23 am (UTC)
verynice lol